Monday, July 26, 2010

Longfins Erupt at Dumping Grounds!

Fished the dumping grounds with Capt. Tony on the New Dippy yesterday (7/27/10) for limits of albacore for 3 people. Hot jig color was black and purple on zukers or small jetheads. We had up to 7 fish on one stop. Fishing went from decent in the morning to outstanding in the afternoon it was a great trip and great fishing! Thanks Capt. Tony. Come by the shop and get dialed in!
Although the sun is lacking, the surf fishing is not, the crowds and the waves are down. There is a large variety of fish being caught all along the north county coast. The offshore is picking up as the fish move steadily north and in. So come in and get hooked up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water has warmed up and the surf is down. Big schools of nice spotfins and sargo crowding the surf with corbina working the very inside for sand crabs. So come in and get the flies that get the fish.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


lots of squid and late night bites. Its time to get out and chase some ghosts. Come in to the shop for the latest info, techniques, and gear to land that big one.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

dive report

The inshore and kelp have had good vis lately with not much for red tide. Lots of bait, the WSB are strong with yellow tail cruising around. Water temp is up and the surf has been down. So come in and get your sling replaced and get out there and enjoy the water. New masks and accessories arriving daily so don't wait come see us and find out the latest scuddle on locations. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There are fish in the surf, lots of them. Some very large sargo in close, shrimp are plentiful along with small baitfish and decent sand crab numbers. Our shop has em, so get to it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

surf fishing report

The surf fishing has picked up in the last few weeks. Croakers  and a large variety of perch including some large delicious rubber lips. Halibut and leopard sharks are still around giving some good tugs. Sand crab numbers are good with decent size as well. So come in and get some flies and get down and enjoy the beach.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sage Demo Day

Thank you to all that showed up for our Sage demo day with Jamie Lyle. We had a great time casting all the latest rods and lines from Sage and Rio. Have a great Easter Sunday!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fred Hall

All the staff at Blue Water Tackle and San Diego Fly Shop want to say thanks to the Hall family for another great show and thanks to all the great people for coming out. We really had a great time and a great show!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Demo Day

We are having FFF master caster and Sage rep Jamie Lyle out to the shop to give a casting demonstration and tutorial on April 3rd from 10 to 2pm. bring a friend or family member for this great time to learn from the best. Don't forget to have your world famous fish taco from the Fish House next door. We'll see you here

Hodge Podge

Thank you to everyone who helped us out with the Hodge Podge. It was a great event and we can't wait for next year!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fly Fishing on the Lower Colorado River - It's On!

Something in the air was telling me it was time, time to go throw bass bugs on the Lower Co.
With that being said, two of my good fishn buddies and myself decided to hitch the boat and make a one day run to see what was going on at this amazing fishery in the desert. Last Saturday we arrived at the river about 8:00am in hopes to find some fish in pre-spawn mode, indeed they were. After starting our first drift of the day it wasn't more than ten minutes into it when Terry got blown up on his top water bug, a 2 1/2 pound large mouth. To make a long story short, we hooked on everything from top water, to streamers, to crawdad patterns and were rewarded with some huge Lower Colorado smallmouth and largemouth bass. Now our numbers were down but the quality made up for any lack of hook-ups throughout the day. All in all, we fished about 5 to 6 hours and between the three of us we landed 18 fish. The water temp was at 57 degrees so the fish were still a little sluggish. In the weeks to come as we move into spring, the days are going to be warmer, in turn bringing the water temp up. As soon as the water hits about 64 degrees and above this place starts to really go off!. Usually by April these river bass start to get really active in their feeding pattern and 15 to 30 fish days are common. Now if you fly fish or not, and you like fishing in moving water with no one else fishing within miles of you, and like to watch bass blow up on top water, the Lower Colorado River is waiting for you.
Enough said, if you are interested in exploring the Lower Colorado River, stop in at Blue Water Tackle / San Diego Fly Shop in Temecula or Solana Beach and we will do our best in directing you in the right direction to experience this amazing fishery just 3 hours away.
New for 2010: Now booking Lower Colorado River Smallmouth / Largemouth Fly Fishing Trips - Trips available now threw June.
Trips Include:
Full day eight hours, one or two day trips on the Lower Colorado River fishing top water for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. Explore miles of the Lower Colorado River from a 17' bass boat, drift casting for Bass with both top water and streamers. A great opportunity to experience an amazing fishery with lots of action. Accommodations for two day trips can be provided on the river.
Supplies & Equipment Provided:
- Fully Rigged 17' Bass Boat
- All Gear Needed
- Lunch & Beverages
Full Day - $375.00 / Two Day Package - $600.00
To Book a Trip:
Contact San Diego Fly Shop @ 951-296-9999
or e-mail: shop@bluewatertackle. com
- Looking forward to fishing with you - Fish On! - Dave Leak/Fly Fishing Guide

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lake Skinner- Striper Fishing

Hey Everyone,

Went to Lake Skinner last week and found this big prespawn girl at the end of the day. The fish weighed in at 32.7 lbs and was quickly released after the photos were taken. I caught this striper on a #12 sinking huddleston swimbait retrieved tight to the bottom. Blue Water Tackle carries Huddleston swimbaits at both locations (Solana Beach and Temecula), so come on in and pick up this essential big bait for your arsenal. 

Take advantage of the prespawn and postspawn bite on your favorite striper waters this spring. Also, remember to take advantage of any upcoming storm fronts with the current "El Nino" weather patterns were are having this year.

Good Luck,

Hunter Hough

Friday, February 26, 2010

Take me to the river...put me in the water...

Sup Clones,

You all know how that song goes, and that is what your fishing gear is singing to you right now! The weather is perfect for early spring bassin' at the Lower Colorado River. Lake Martenez, Squaw and Imperial Dam areas are primed for some solid action. Grab the shallow diving and lip-less crankbaits, spinnerbait, and swimjigs and start covering some water. Consistent warming patterns have pushed fish shallow and since the mojo is in the water (spawning season) these fish are loading up on shad, bluegill, craws and other high-protein forage for the long busy days to come in the next week or so. Pre-Spawn is a great time to rip those reaction baits around and makes for a little more excitement than the 20 minute pig & jig retrieves or 50 foot drop-shot days of winter.  The Lower Colorado River is not too far away and has plenty of great accommodations close to the action. Stop by the shops for any other information or questions you might have about this great fishery.

Now I'm Done.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Were looking for two guys to share a shark fly fishing trip with one other guy. Call 760 518 0277 if your interested. The trip will be with Jeff Stock

Sharks and Bay

The shark fishing is still great in between the weather systems! We have been catching Blues up to 150 pounds that put up a great fight. With nothing else around during the winter that can rival the sharks you just have to try it! Don't forget about he bays either. The winter is when a lot of the fish that you catch on the beaches in the summer move into the bays to escape the rough conditions. These spots can fish great on moving tides.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-Spawn Bass Time!

For all you hard-core bass anglers this is the time of year we all wait for. The pre-spawn bite might not be in full effect yet, but it is right around the corner. Some of our local waters will be heading into pre-spawn mode after this next warming trend that has arrived this week. Now bass are moving up in the shallows after being in the deep and suspending for some time, they arent spawning but they are definately starting to think about it. This all points towards one thing, aggressive bass ready to eat an array of offerings, in other words "good times." With this being said I could go on for awhile about tactics and locations but I dont feel like typing forever. The best thing you could do is stop in the shop at Temecula or Solana and come talk bass fishing with us and we will do our best in helping you get started in the right direction. I will give you bass chasers a few things to think about. Focus on lakes with stained water and alot of habitat, these lakes tend to warm faster than clear lakes, in turn pushing fish up sooner than later. A few lakes to think about would be Hodges, Otay, Elsinore, Vail Lake. Baits to think about, catching fish on spinnerbaits is almost a can't miss in the spring, along with swimbaits worked slowly, and jerkbaits tend to generate some of the most exciting strikes from shallow fish. We have all been fishing jigs and worms all fall and winter, its time to break out the reaction baits and cover some water. When you find concentrations of fish stay on them, this is the one time of year you can stay posted on a location and have sucsess all day. Enough said, its time to get off your ass, spool the reel up with some fresh line, pick up some reaction baits and go fish already. I dont know about you but Im goin fishn, see you on the water. Fish On! DL

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lake Havasu-Striper Fishing

Hey everyone just want to let you know I went on a two day trip to Lake Havasu. The striper fishing is heating up right now at Lake Havasu in the southern end of the lake. Hard baits are working well but the key is to use live shad on a size #4 treble hook with a 1/16 oz weight on the shank of the treble. Drift in shallow water near Havasu Springs and the Bill Williams Arm for best results. Good luck and get out there!

Look out here comes the Hodge Podge!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Diamond Valley

The striper bite is going strong on all trout imitation baits. Focus on east dam west dam and surrounding points around the marina.  Largemouth are also starting to feed more heavily and taking the large trout baits. Fish these baits in 40 to 50 feet of water slow rolled across the bottom.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just wanted to remind everyone that we are going to have free seminars on the second Wednesday of each month. Next week will be Captain Jeff Stock on Fly fishing for sharks off the San Diego Coast. The store will remain open during the seminar. The seminar will be from 6 to 7:30 P.M. See you all there!

Lake Skinner

Hey Everyone,

Fished Lake Skinner on tuesday 2/2/10, fishing was overall decent to good on 2lb stripers by ramp #2 and the east end of the lake seemed to be great stocked trout fishing. I caught a 17.5lb striper over by ramp #2 on a trout pattern huddleston swimbait. We have all the huddleston sizes and patterns in stock. The huddleston swimbait is an essential striped bass and largemouth bass bait. You truly need to have at least one in your arsenal.  We also have the Black Dog baits lunker punkers in 6 inches and 9 inches, wood or plastic models. The reason why I mention the Black Dog Baits lunker punker is because I also caught a 22.4lb striper last november on the lunker punker. Both stripers were amazing fighters and superb fish. Striper fishing is best between storms and during a low pressure system, so keep that in mind. Get out there while the striper fishing is good and good luck!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Matt and I are going up to the Sacramento ISE show to check out all the new gear. We will keep everyone up to date on our progress.

Kelly Galloup a huge sucess

Thank you to everyone for coming out to see Kelly's seminar. We had about 60 people that filled the room and everyone seemed to be facinated by his streamer concepts. Kelly's fly tying genious was also on display all afternoon, he was able to answer many questions on fly tying. On the drive down to drop Kelly off he spoke very highly of the people that attended and was excited about the fishing community in San Diego that he never expected. Thanks again for all the support

Friday, January 8, 2010

kelly Galloup appearance

Be sure to catch Kelly at the Solana Beach shop on Wed. Jan.13th at 4pm. Kelly will be spinning hair on the vice and chatting up the "proper" way to streamer fish for epic trout. Hope to see ya there!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lobster Dives

Hey everyone just letting you know that some quality lobsters have been taken recently. Get out there and dive while the excellent dive conditions are here
The American river is open for Steelheading as of January 1st! Call Matt in Temecula for guiding or details on this epic trip!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flrst Blog

Hey all just wanted to let everyone know that the Blue Shark fishing is going off right now. if you want to pull on some big sharks let us know!!!